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Vancouver Island Heather Society

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What is Heather?

The names heath and heather are often used interchangeably. Although both are somewhat similar low evergreen shrubs of the Old World, heather has short, scale like, overlapping leaves and a profusion of long-lasting rosy flowers; the true heaths (genus Erica) have needle like leaves and white, rose, or yellow flowers. Species of this large genus are characteristic of vast moor areas in W Europe and, especially, South Africa and the Mediterranean area.

Photo Gallery:

Heather Sale March 2013
February 2013 David Wilson's Garden featured in "Garden's West"
Photo credits: Adam Gibbs
October 3, 2012 HCP Garden Tour
June 22-23, 2012 BC Blooms Government House
Ladysmith March 2012 Volume 1 window display
September 30, 2011 David Wilson's presentation
October 2010 - Grass presentation by Ewan MacKenzie
May 2010 - Yellow Point Cranberries & Hazelwood Herb Farm
April 2010 - Qualicum Beach - Helen Chesnut & Milner Gardens
Heather Sale March 2010
Ina MacDowell Heather garden at Sylvan United Church March 2010
Nanaimo Booth 2009
Dan Cooke's Garden in July 2009 Bench installed September 2010
Salt Spring trip June 2009